Wednesday, August 15, 2007

1950 Minnot Mallards

The Manitoba-Dakota League was an independent league in North Dakota and Manitoba that was founded in 1950. It became the home for many African-American and Latino players. The league lasted through the 1957 season. It was known informally as the Mandak League or Man-Dak League.
It was the outlet for former Negro Leaguers to continue playing and entertaining fans, occupying fields with ex-major leaguers, minor league stars and some of the best Manitoba, North Dakota,and Minnesota born players. It featured such greats as Willie Wells, Leon Day, Ray Dandridge, and Satchel Paige who pitched briefly for the Minot Mallards in 1950.
Roster of teams included: Elmwood Giants, Minot Mallards, Brandon Greys, Carman Cardinals, Winnipeg Buffaloes, Dauphin Red Birds, Saskatoon Gems and the Edmonton Eskimos