Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Teams of Leon Day Customs

1934 Silver Moons

1922 Baltimore Black Sox

1950 Mexico City Reds

1935 Brooklyn Eagles


I was commissioned by the widow of the Hall of Fame Baseball player Leon Day to make some reproductions of the teams he played for.

Leon Day (October 30, 1916 - March 13, 1995) was an American right-handed pitcher in the Negro Leagues. He played for the Baltimore Black Sox, the Brooklyn & Newark Eagles, and the Baltimore Elite Giants.

He was born in Alexandria, Virginia. Day is noted for pitching a perfect season in 1937 (13-0) while playing for the Newark Eagles, and for his fastball. Day was also a good hitter and baserunner, batting .320 in 1937.

From 1935 through 1946 he appeared in a record seven East-West All-Star Games, and set an all-star record by striking out 14 batters. Also, in 1942 he set a Negro League record when he struck out 18 Baltimore batters in a single game - including Roy Campanella three times.

When the Negro League was in the off-season, Day played winter ball in Puerto Rico. There he established a Puerto Rican record of 19 strikeouts.

During World War II Day served in the United States Army, landing on Utah Beach on D-Day. He was discharged in February 1946, and later that same month, he pitched an Opening Day no-hitter against the Philadelphia Stars.

In 1950 he left the United States to play in Canada for a year. The next two years he returned to play in the minor leagues, then returned to Canada to finish his career.

Day retired from baseball in 1955. He died of a heart attack in Baltimore, Maryland at age 78, just six days after learning he had been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Leon Day was the 12th Hall of Famers chosen in the Negro League category to date, and the 7th to be selected while he was still living (Paige-71, Buck Leonard-72, Irvin-73, C.P. Bell-74, Judy Johnson-75, and Dandridge-87 the others). Day is the only Hall of Famer to be enshrined into the Hall with a cap of a team outside the mainland United States; his plaque depicts him as a "Aguadilla Shark" (Los Tiburones de Aguadilla), the Puerto Rican team for which he had once played.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dayton Areos Custom Fitted

The Dayton Aeros was one of the founding teams of the World Hockey Association (WHA). The WHA formed in 1971, and this league sought to create a new professional hockey association to rival the National Hockey League. The WHA existed from 1971 until 1979.

On November 1, 1971, Paul Deneau established the Dayton Aeros in Dayton, Ohio. Unfortunately for the team, Dayton residents did not embrace the squad, and the Aeros also failed to find a suitable arena in which to play its games. Before a single game occurred, Deneau moved the Aeros to Houston, Texas, where the squad became known as the Houston Aeros.

Logo is heat transfer on hand cut and sewn felt.

New Orleans Saints Custom Fitted

The brainchild of local sports entrepreneur, David Dixon, (who also founded the Louisiana Superdome and USFL), the Saints were actually secretly born in a backroom deal brought about by Congressman Hale Boggs and NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. The NFL needed congressional approval of the proposed AFL-NFL merger. To seal the deal, Rozelle arrived in New Orleans within a week, and announced on, coincidentally, All Saints' Day -- November 1, 1966 -- that the NFL officially had awarded the city of New Orleans an NFL franchise; Boggs' Congressional committee in turn quickly approved the NFL merger. The team was named for the world-famous jazz anthem, "When the Saints Go Marching In," . John W. Mecom, Jr., a young oilman from Houston, became the team's first majority stockholder. The team's colors, black and gold, symbolized both Mecom's and New Orleans' strong ties to the oil ("black gold") industry. Trumpeter Al Hirt was part owner of the team, and his rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In" was made the official fight song.

Logo is vintage 80's patch.

Montreal Royals Custom Fitted

The Montreal Royals were a professional baseball team located in Montreal, Quebec, that existed from 1897-1917 and from 1928-60 as a member of the International League and its progenitor, the original Eastern League. The Royals are most famous as the top farm club (Class AAA beginning in 1946) of the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers from 1939 to 1960.

The team's nickname was derived from the city name, which means "Mount Royal". Thus the full team name, like that of the Los Angeles Angels and the Philadelphia Phillies, had a built-in redundancy.

The team holds a unique place in baseball history as being the first major-league affiliate to break the so-called "baseball color barrier", when the Brooklyn general manager and part-owner, Branch Rickey, signed Jackie Robinson, an African-American, on October 23, 1945. Robinson played with the Royals during the 1946 season.

Logo is hand cut and sewn felt.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Baltimore Monumentals Custom Fitted

The 1884 Baltimore Monumentals played 105 games during the regular season, won 58 games, lost 47 games, and finished in fourth position. They played their home games at Belair Lot where 45,000 fans witnessed their 1884 Monumentals finish the season with a .552 winning percentage.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Albany Polecats Custom Fitted

The Albany Polecats were a minor league baseball team in Albany, Georgia. They were a low-A class team that played in the South Atlantic League, and were a farm team of both the Montreal Expos and the Baltimore Orioles during the franchise's tenure in Albany. They played all of their home games at the Paul Eames Sports Complex. While at Paul Eames Sports Complex during their tenure, the stadium was dubbed "Polecat Park", albeit the stadium was named after Paul Eames, a minor league baseball legend. During the team’s four years in the South Atlantic League, the Polecats never finished higher than eighth overall in the fourteen-team league. Coupled with poor attendance by the Polecats, this proved too much to bear for the struggling franchise. Prior the 1996 season, the Albany Polecats were sold and moved north to Salisbury, Maryland, where the franchise became the current-day Delmarva Shorebirds.

Logo is actually from an on-field Proline Albany Polecats fitted from 1994.

Cap size 7 5/8

Balt. Lord Baltimores Custom Fitted

The Lord Baltimores were a professional baseball club in the National Association from 1872 to 1874.

The pennant on this cap was produced to look like an old souverner mini pennant from years passed.

cap size 7 1/4

Portland Beavers Custom Fitted

Along with the Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Oaks, Sacramento Solons, San Francisco Seals, and Seattle Rainiers, a Portland Beavers club was a charter member of the Pacific Coast League in 1903. Along with Sacramento, Portland is one of two charter cities that still has a team in the PCL, the other cities having been taken over by major league baseball franchises.

cap size 7 5/8

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Portland Timbers Custom Fitted

In January 1975, the North American Soccer League awarded an expansion franchise to Portland, Oregon. The new team, named the Timbers, began play in the 1975 season. In their inaugural season, the Timbers went to the championship game Soccer Bowl but lost to the Tampa Bay Rowdies 2-0. It was during this magical season that the Timbers endeared themselves to the City and Portland became known as "Soccer City USA". While the Timbers boasted some of the league's best fan support, they sometimes struggled on the field. Despite going to the championship game in their first season, they missed the play offs in 1976 and 1977. In 1978, they went to the Conference Finals before falling to the New York Cosmos. The team folded at the end of the 1982 season as player salaries outpaced team revenue. These Timbers established soccer as a sport in the greater Portland area. Their legacy lives on in the current Timbers following and the many thousands who continue to play and follow the game. Many of these Timbers continued to live in the area after their playing careers and helped establish the soccer as a vital local sport.

Chicago Sting Custom Fitted

The Chicago Sting (1975-1988) was an American professional soccer team based in Chicago, Illinois. The Sting played in the North American Soccer League from 1975 to 1984 and in the Major Indoor Soccer League from 1984 to 1988. They won the Soccer Bowl in 1981 and 1984. The best player in Sting's history was German Karl-Heinz Granitza, who played for the club from 1978 to 1988.

The Sting were founded in 1975 by Lee Stern of Chicago. A few years after founding the Sting, Stern brought Willy Roy on as head coach. Roy coached the Sting for the remainder of their outdoor existence.

The team was named in reference to the popular 1973 film, The Sting, whose action was set in Chicago of the 1930s.

Cap size 7 3/8

Vitt's Crybabies Custom Fitted

The 1940 Indians are notable for a team that blew a lead late in the year after the team rebelled against manager Ossie Vitt.

Vitt was known for being critical of his players, who had grown increasingly upsetwith his style since he had become manager in 1938 after a stellar year with the 1937 Newark Bears. The Indians had been in contention from the start of the 1940 season. They had started an eastern road trip 5-6, though, and on June 11, they dropped another one, 9-2, behind Bob Feller to their top contender, the Boston Red Sox; Vitt grumbled "He's supposed to be my ace. I'm supposed to win a pennant with that kind of pitching" in the dugout for all to hear. The next day, he yanked Mel Harder from a game against the Red Sox, saying "It's about time you won, [given] the money you're getting." Harder, Feller, Johnny Allen and others met after the game and decided to approach owner Alva Bradley with the request that Vitt be removed. 11 players met with Bradley, including Ken Keltner, Al Milnar, Rollie Hemsley, Jeff Heath, Oscar Grimes and the three aforementioned pitchers; Roy Weatherly refused to go along and Ray Mack and Lou Boudreau were kept out due to their youth. Hal Trosky called in at the time to express his agreement, but as his mother had died, he could not attend. Criticisms included Vitt's insults to his players, showboating style, anger and willingness to air dirty laundry with the media. Bradley said he would investigate but did not want the affair to become public. Somebody leaked it though, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer had details a day later.

The players were the primary subject of fan criticsm as the public generally supported Vitt, who said he would tone down his acts somewhat. The Indians became known as "Vitt's Crybabies", the "Bawl Team" and the "Half Vitts" among other eptiehts.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

San Jose Owls Estate LA Custom Fitted

The San Jose Owls played in the Calfornia League in 1942. The league then suspended operations June 28 of the same year.

Logo is hand cut, sewn, and screened.

Cap size is 7 1/4

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

East Coast Love!!!!!!!!

Some caps for my man, Jay of Time Machine and Glow Like This. Check them out they rock sick fitteds!!!

The Mets fitted has a vintage 1986 NL East Champion p on the front and an vintage 1960's mets logo patch on back.

The Philadiphia cap is customized with a vintage 1960's patch.

I need that Philly one!!!!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Oakland Invaders Estate LA Custom Fitted

The Invaders played in the California League 1909; California State League 1910. Moved to Merced, CA midseason and became the Merced Fig Growers in 1910.

Logo is hand screened, cut, and sewn 3M Reflective Fabric on felt.

Cap size is 7 5/8

Brookyln Dodgers Estate LA Custom Fitted

The Brooklyn Dodgers was an American Football team that played in the All-America Football Conference from 1946 to 1948.

Hand screened, cut and sewn mini pennant

Cap size 7 3/8