Friday, November 16, 2007

Boston Braves

In attempt to draw more fans, the Braves sign an aging Babe Ruth. However at the age of 40, The Babe's best years are behind him. Ruth would homer in his first NL at bat, but there would not be much success that followed. The Bambino hit only .187 and had only 4 dingers heading into June before The Babe had one last hurrah. In a game at Pittsburgh's Forbes Field the Babe blasted 3 homers in a game against the Pirates. A few days later Babe Ruth would retire with an All-time record 714 career Homers, a record that would last 40 years. While Babe Ruth was struggling to come up with the form that made him a legend, the Braves were just hoping to win a game. The Braves would suffer their worst season in franchise history with a record of 38-115.


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