Thursday, December 27, 2007

San Jose Prune Pickers 1910

There were at least three class D California State Leagues in operation at some point in minor league baseball history. Two lasted just a single season (1910 and 1929) and the other lasted a whole three seasons 1913 through 1915.

The 1910 version was actually class B until June 6, when it became class D. Sacramento and San Francisco dropped out May 31, and Oakland moved to Merced on June 7, which might explain the drop in classification. Then Fresno disbanded June 24, causing the league to cease operations the same day.

The league made it through the 1913 season then disbanded June 1, 1914. When it was re-tried in 1915, the league disbanded May 30, due to heavy rains, with the teams having played only 5 to 7 games.

The 1929 version, which was based in Southern California unlike the previous two versions, lasted until June 17, with teams having played about 50 games.


* Fresno, CA: Fresno Tigers
* Oakland, CA: Oakland Invaders
o Merced, CA: Merced Fig Growers
* Sacramento, CA: Sacramento Baby Senators
* San Francisco, CA: San Francisco Baby Seals
* San Jose, CA: San Jose Prune Pickers
* Stockton, CA: Stockton Millers

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