Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Len Bias Custom Fitted Cap

Leonard Kevin Bias (November 18, 1963 – June 19, 1986) was an American college basketball player who suffered a fatal cardiac arrhythmia that resulted from a cocaine overdose less than 48 hours after being selected by the Boston Celtics in the 1986 NBA Draft. Bias was the second player selected in the draft, after Brad Daugherty of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Wearing number 34, Bias impressed basketball fans with his amazing leaping ability, his physical stature and his ability to create plays and considered one of the most dynamic players in the nation. By his senior year, scouts from the various National Basketball Association viewed Bias as the most complete forward in the Class of 1986. Bias was favorably compared by some to Michael Jordan, even though Jordan himself was only in his second professional season with the Chicago Bulls at the time Bias was drafted by the Boston Celtics.

I've always been a big Terps fan and Bias was by far my favorite college player at that time. What a loss.

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Victor said...

This one is tight! Ever considered more patches or details on the side or back panels?
You should definitely post this one up for sale!

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