Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Attica Jailbirds Custom Fitted Cap

One of the first in a line of "Prison Baseball Team" custom fitteds.

Baseball has been played in prison yards since it began. I will make team caps of some of our country's most famous prisons.

The Attica Correctional Facility is a penitentiary in Attica, New York.

It held many of the most dangerous criminals of the time when it was constructed in the 1930s. A tear gas system is installed in the mess hall and industry areas and has been used to quell conflicts in these areas. The prison now holds many inmates who are serving various types of sentences (short-term to life sentences), and who are usually sent to the facility because of disciplinary problems in other facilities.

Attica is knowm for it's famous riot in 1971 which resulted in 39 deaths, of which 29 were inmates and 10 were correctional officers held hostage. They died by gunfire from state troopers and guards.

Logo is hand screened , cut and sewn felt

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