Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seattle Purple Sox Custom Fitted

The Seattle Purple Sox were a longtime member of the Pacific Coast League, beginning play in 1919. The club, known as the Seattle Indians from 1922-1937, was renamed the Rainiers in 1938 when beer magnate Emil Sick bought the team and named it after his brand of beer. That same season, the team began play in Sicks Stadium. The team played in the PCL for 27 seasons as the Rainiers before the California Angels bought the franchise from Sick and renamed the team the Seattle Angels. That lasted until 1969, when the American League placed the expansion Seattle Pilots in the city. When the Pilots left for Milwaukee after a single trouble-plagued season, the Rainiers returned from 1972 through 1976 as a Northwest League team before major league baseball again displaced the team.

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